Sunday, October 27, 2013

Batger & Co. Ltd.

Batger & Co. Ltd. was a confectionery manufacturer in London from 1748 until 1970. Although the early history of the company is sketchy, an Elizabeth Batger made and sold sweetmeats from a shop in Stepney, east London, in 1748.

From the 1860s Batger's had a factory in Stepney and another in Clapham. The main factory in Stepney manufactured jams, bakery sundries, sweets, and toffee. The best-known products were Chinese figs, Silmos lollies, Jersey Caramels, and John Peel marmalade. The Clapham factory produced Harlequin Christmas Crackers and all forms of cake decorations for the bakery industry.

Batger & Co. was acquired by another confectionery manufacturer called Needlers Ltd. in 1970. The business is now part of Ashbury Confectionery Ltd.

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by Mark Matlach


  1. I worked for Hatter's in the early 1960's as a delivery driver, working out of their Clapham Common site, delivering sweets nationally to various retail outlets. At this time,their Harlequin Christmas Crackers were still being made in their Cable Street factory in East London