Sunday, December 1, 2013

J. W. & Co. and J W E R

J. W. & Co. Ltd. (John Wright & Co. Ltd.) and J W E R (John Wright & Eagle Range Ltd.)

John Wright & Co. was a manufacturer of gas appliances. The company was established in 1862 at the Essex Works in Aston, Birmingham and made gas stoves, cookers, gas fires and radiators. 

In 1900 John Wright absorbed the Eagle Range & Gas Stove Co. and the company became John Wright & Eagle Range Ltd. 

In 1937 the company exhibited at the British Industries Fair where the the firm displayed "Regulo" gas cookers, gas-operated hot water apparatus and large cooking apparatus for hotels and boarding houses. 

In 1961 the company was described as a manufacturer of kitchen ranges, gas fires, cookers and space heaters and had 1,200 employees.

Advertisement, 1903

by Mark Matlach

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