Sunday, February 3, 2013

David Thom, Domeier & Co. Ltd.

David Thom, Domeier & Co. Ltd. was established by Scotsman David Thom as a manufacturing chemist and agent in 1864 at Whit Lane in Pendleton, Manchester. The company specialized in producing glycerine, carbonate of potash, fine chemicals and essential oil.

By the 1920s the firm was named David Thom & Co. Ltd. and had evolved to become a soap manufacturer and later a producer of cleaning products such as bleach and washing up liquid.

In c.1968 the business was acquired by Mansell, Hunt & Catty, who in turn were shortly bought out by an American company called Sterling Plastics. The factory in Pendleton was subsequently closed down.

The overprint of the shortened company name “David Thom// & Co. Ltd.” can be found on 2d Wilding stamps.

by Mark Matlach

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