Sunday, August 5, 2012

LEP Transport

LEP Transport was a freight company established in 1910 in London. The company name was derived from the initials of the three founding partners; Longstaff, Ehrenberg and Pollack.

Following the First World War, LEP became involved in air freight by transporting aircraft to race meetings. An air freight office was opened at Hounslow airport in 1919 and in 1924 the company was appointed exclusive freight agent to the newly established Imperial Airways. The business expanded over the next twenty years with offices opening in several European countries. During the Second World War LEP formed a special unit to carry out salvage of crashed fighters and bomber aircraft. LEP's expertise in the handling and assembly of motor vehicles led to a contract to process 360,000 military vehicles for British and Canadian forces.

After the War LEP expanded into Asia and Australia. The company was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1947, becoming LEP Group plc in 1951. In 1996 the business was acquired by International Logistics, which was renamed GeoLogistics two years later.
Head Office of LEP Transport at Sunlight Wharf, London

by Mark Matlach


  1. I'm researching an uncle of mine who working at LEP Liverpool in the nineteen thirties. Does anyone know if the personnel records of the company from that time are still available?

  2. I would like to make contact with Rolf Bruns, formerly of Lep Tokyo.

    David A. Lloyd-Jones
    david.lloydjones AT gmail DOT com

  3. I worked at LEP sunlight Wharf 1971 as a typist i was 15 a long shot a guy called Chris from Ilford took me to my first ever concert which was Elton John at Crystal Palace in 1971 lovely boy always wondered what became of him ..i know a long shot have to try though lol