Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thomas Wallis & Co. Limited

 Wallis's began as a linen drapery in 1826 and moved to No 7 Holborn Circus, which covered an acre of land in 1869. By this time Wallis’s described themselves as 'General Drapers and Complete House Furnishers'; they also had a reputation as a supplier of quality linens.

The building was struck by incendiary bombs at 2.30am on 17 April 1941, the night that became known as 'The Wednesday' of the Blitz. Over 1,000 civilians were killed in the attack, which targeted mainly central and south London. Gamages, which stood opposite, survived. Police Constables Arthur Cross and Fred Tibbs took this photo the following morning.

In 1961, the Daily Mirror built its premises on the former Wallis site.

by Paul Green

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