Sunday, March 29, 2009

T. Tapling & Co. Ld.

There are at least three different overprint patterns for T. Tapling & Company. But what of the company itself? The Peerage lists many Taplings, including a Thomas Tapling whose daughter married in 1896, which would be roughly the time the first two stamps above were used.

Today there is a Thomas Tapling and Co. Ltd. at 65 Hazlewell Road, London, SW15 6UT. However, I cannot confirm that this is the same company that used the commercial overprints that you see here.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vyse, Sons and Company

According to a document held at the British Library, Vyse, Sons and Company sold "French sewn goods" (that is, corsets) circa 1884.

The "Received/£/for/VYSE SONS & CO" commercial overprint is difficult to find on Victorian Era stamps.

In the George V Era there is a similar overprint "[R/E/C/E/I/V/E/D] [V/S/&/CO/LD]" that I suspect also comes from Vyse.