Sunday, September 13, 2009

Britannic Assurance Company Ltd.

Britannic Assurance Company Ltd. was founded in Birmingham in 1866 as British Workman’s Mutual Assurance Company Limited to provide life assurance and pension services.

Britannic went through a series of name changes until settling on Britannic Assurance Company Ltd. in 1921.

In 1981 it changed its name again to Britannic Assurance Plc. It made acquisitions, including Britannia Asset Management, Alba Life, Evergreen Retirement and First Active.

Finally, in December 2006, Britannic Group Plc was merged into Resolution Plc.

-submitted by Paul Green


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  2. I'm researching this as I'm led to believe that my Great Great Grandfather Richard Shepherd Close Senior born 1848, had some involvment in setting up the British Workman’s Mutual Assurance Company Limited. Certainly, him and his sons Richard Shepherd Close and George Alfred Close were Directors / Superintendents of the Britannic Assurance Company according to newspaper articles I've found. However I don't think he set it up, just involved early on as on the 1871 Census he is a Coachman (son of a Blacksmith) so I imagine at some point that led to travelling around the country selling insurance. In 1881 he is recorded as an Assurance Agent, 1891 Assurance Superintendent, 1901 Assurance Inspector, 1911 Assurance Director. Do you know how I could research this further? Richard Shepherd Close Jnr was my Grandmother's father.