Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baxendale & Co. Limited

Baxendale & Co. was a firm of hardware manufacturers and suppliers that was established in 1863 by Laban Baxendale and his future brother-in-law, Alfred Innes.

The company was originally based in Salford, Greater Manchester, but in 1892 moved to Shudehill Mill (commonly known as Arkwright's Mill) in Miller Street, Manchester where it remained until the building was destroyed in the Blitz in 1940.

By 1914 Baxendales were described as furniture, lead, and electrical manufacturers as well as hardware and builders' merchants. The business, which had expanded to Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Dublin, had a staff of 1,250.

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Baxendale's centenary catalogue (1963) describes the business as "manufacturers, merchants, and suppliers to the plumbing, building, decorating, electrical, glass, hardware, and ironmongery trades." The catalogue lists a huge range of products from shop signs and lead-light windows, to tools, paints, taps, cisterns, and sinks.

By Mark Matlach


  1. Would you have any information on the Manchester based company Baxendale Co. Limited please?
    Thank you, Helen Read, Australia

  2. Baxendales were also associated with a company in Leeds named Baxendale Kayll Limmited . This would be in the '60's .

  3. I have a iron fireplace that I was looking to sell made by baxendale and co approx from 1930's but cannot find any information on them or there worth... any help would be much appreciated

  4. My parents used to have a plumbing & heating business that bought from Baxendale's. I was given a complimentary paper knife, marked with their company name, which I still have.

  5. Did this company have a beetle or bee as a logo