Friday, August 26, 2011

Old Betty Plant's Ltd.

Old Betty Plant's was a confectionery business that was established by Albert Plant in Stoke, Staffordshire. Albert named the company after his mother, Elizabeth, who made her own toffee and was affectionately known as Old Betty.

Around 1914, Old Betty Plant's was taken over by William Nadin from Stockton Brook. Nadin moved the company to a new factory in Morley Street, Hanley. The firm manufactured dairy mints, sugared almonds, herbal cough drops, and over a hundred varieties of boiled sweets. As well as being the proprietor of the company, William Nadin also gave himself the job of chief taster of his own sweets.

Old Betty Plant's remained in operation until 1970 when the Hanley factory was closed down. The business is now part of Barnett Confectioners Ltd.

By Mark Matlach

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