Sunday, July 7, 2013

Smith, Parfrey & Co. Ltd.

Smith, Parfrey & Co. Ltd. was a wheel manufacturing company established in 1835 in Hammersmith, west London, originally under the name Smith, Parfrey & Hitchings. The Pimlico Wheel Works in Hammersmith grew to become the largest and best-equipped of its kind by the early 1900s, manufacturing all kinds of wheels for wagons, lorries, carts, vans, buses, taxicabs and motor cars.

In 1913 the company was producing 400 complete wheels for 3- and 5-ton motor vehicles weekly, in addition to a large number of wheels for trailers, and 2000 taxicab wheels. Smith, Parfrey & Co. Ltd. also carried out repair work and manufactured motor parts such as axles and springs. The company traded until at least 1920.

Advertisement, 1908

by Mark Matlach

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