Sunday, August 4, 2013

Language Tuition Centre

In 1950, the 11th Duke of Devonshire decided to move out of his family home--an 18th century mansion in Eastbourne, Sussex, called Compton House. In 1954 the Duke allowed a Mr. Schwartz to open a residential language school / finishing school for ladies at Compton House.

The Language Tuition Centre or LTC  Ladies' College of English was highly successful and two more schools were opened in London and Norwich. Over time, fewer and fewer girls dreamed of becoming a “lady”, and demand for LTC's courses declined.

In 1983 LTC admitted its first male students and became a more conventional language school.

In 2010 LTC Eastbourne became the headquarters of the Language Teaching Centres group of schools, which has schools in London and Brighton as well as an affiliated school in Paris.

Compton Park, Eastbourne

by Mark Matlach

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