Sunday, November 28, 2010


In 1863 Tom Ponting, one of four brothers from Gloucester, opened a fancy draper's shop in Westbourne Grove. His three brothers, Sidney, John and William bought no. 125 High Street, Kensington, expanding to 123, 123a and 127 and also to Scarsdale House formerly the mansions of the Curzons of Kedleston.

They soon established a good business in retail fancy goods and silks, everything for art needlework, and even a Needlework School.

The original premises were replaced by a High Victorian building, designed by Sherrin.

In 1907 John Barker and Co. Ltd. bought the business. Pontings is known to have used commercial overprints on the 1912 issue, when it was a part of the Barker holdings.

The premises were demolished in the early 1970s and a new complex of shops built in their place.

By Paul Green

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