Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thomas Moy Limited

From at least 1861, Thomas Moy was a coal merchant based in Colchester. In 1882 Moy's company was described in the Stratford trade directory as coal, coke, cement, brick, tile, and lime merchants and even ship owners—sea-going colliers carried coal down the east coast to London. Thomas Moy's main business was as a coal merchant, organizing the procurement and delivery of coal to households throughout Essex, as well as neighboring Norfolk and Suffolk.

Thomas Moy established a wagon works in Peterborough sometime before 1890, to build and repair railway wagons for his own coal business and to hire them out for other uses. Moy's wagons would have been seen all over the eastern side of England as far north as Yorkshire, from where the company obtained some of its coal. The business became a limited company in 1891. The railway works changed ownership in 1926, and again in 1931, but continued to operate under the name of Moy's Wagon Co. Ltd. until the mid-1960s.

Thomas Moy was a prolific user of commercial overprints right up to the end of the 1960s.

by Mark Matlach


  1. I am currently researching Thomas Moy for the East Anglian Railway Museum which is close to Colchester where Moy lived. I wondered if it would be possible to obtain the images in high res of the documents in this blog?
    I am also interested to hear more about Moy. If you could help, I'd be very grateful.
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    1. Hi ,I worked for moys in halstead about the late 50s this was at the builders yard . You can phone me on 07789764057 or 01787277275 Derek nicholls

    2. Thomas Moy was a director of a company that purchased the Whitworth colliery at Tonmawr (near Neath, South Wales) in 1873.