Saturday, January 22, 2011

Liverpool Gas Company

In 1816 The Liverpool Gas Light Company was created by Jonathan Varty, a local coach builder, and an engineer by the name of John Hargreaves. The company started to supply gas after getting a Charter of Incorporation by Act of Parliament in 1818. One of the company's responsibilities was lighting the Town Hall with gas.

In 1823 the rival Liverpool Oil Gas Company was created by an Act of Parliament to produce gas from oil only. In 1834 this restriction was lifted and the company was allowed to make gas from coal as well.

The next 25 years saw a bitter rivalry between these two gas companies. In 1848, following a campaign to lower gas prices, an Act of Parliament resulted in the amalgamation of the two companies to form The Liverpool United Gas Company.

Liverpool United Gas Company showroom, opened at Duke Street in 1872.

In 1914 The Liverpool United Gas Company changed its name to The Liverpool Gas Company. The company's area of supply was extended and it expanded by taking over several local gas companies.

When the UK gas industry was nationalised in 1949, The Liverpool Gas Company became part of the North West Gas Board.

By Mark Matlach

In addition to the overprint shown here, there are reports that there is a second version in which the text runs in the opposite direction.

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